Does your SMB need a Network Design, Installation, or Setup Service? Race Computer Services (RCS) is your Strategic Technology Support Partner.

We can implement and design a network according to the requirements of your business and business goals. Additionally, we can setup the network. We call these “weekenders” because they typically take a full weekend to accomplish.Clients across Northern New Jersey, Central New Jersey and New York City rely heavily on our services so their businesses can operate. Companies large and small, and in all industries, must have a reliable IT system and network in place to remain competitive in today’s technology-driven marketplace. This is where RCS can help.Our highly trained team of technology experts understands the importance of having the right IT network setup from the beginning.If your network is setup correctly from day one, you can take advantage of your new technology without having to worry about it functioning properly.

Performing brute force account and password attacks using a database of over 40 million possible passwords
For devices and servers that are successfully penetrated, RCS security experts will manually use assorted hacker techniques to extend such exploit vectors to gain an understanding of the full network environment and see how many internal systems can be accessed and compromised. This type of security testing can expose the full scope of the vulnerability of a network environment.

Determination of internal and external network addressing configuration through email beaconing techniques

Performing various Denial of Service attacks, coordinated with internal senior management to determine whether it is possible to stop or hinder network productivity. Once proof of impact is reported, such testing can be immediately ceased to avoid impact to actual business productivity.

For larger enterprise businesses, RCS can perform anonymous physical security penetration testing, including attempts to gain unauthorized/unchecked access to physical premises by pretending to be authorized personnel, with proof of success from copying of confidential information and accessing internal network resources behind all perimeter firewalls.

A Program Tailored To Your Enterprise BUSINESS:Our team of experts will work with your company on a consulting basis (hourly rate)

  • We can work with you on a monthly service agreement.
  • Or, we can include you in part of a Managed Information Security Services Program (MSSP), where we will periodically do Cybersecurity related services, audits, reporting, and management level tasks in alignment with the rest of your IT department.

RCS can Consult with you on the technical design aspect of your network. Additionally- we can provide the Installation and Setup of the network. We’ll give you an IT network that won’t break the bank. We recommend going with a bundled service offering for an all-inclusive managed support plan with the network setup.

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