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Don’t let unexpected disaster knock you out of business. We are here to help.

Some of the most critical areas to business data loss would be:

  • Natural disasters
  • employee sabotage
  • cyber attacks
  • hardware failure

We can implement a foundation of solid cybersecurity requirements into your business computer systems which will provide a layer of prevention from cybersecurity risks and internal risks. Simultaneously, we also implement a redundant hybrid onsite and offsite backup solution which will counter hardware failure. As a precautionary measure we usually design a disaster recovery plan, should disaster ever arise. We are not the type of business to try to fear monger others into buying our services, but we are here to help in all cases. Even though most people always expect it to happen to someone else, data breaches are happening regularly and its good practice to safeguard your data with specific policies in place.

How do they recover quickly and continue doing business even when they have limited access to their mission-critical business information?

While having our always-on access to the Internet is a good thing, for the most part, there is always the possibility that a dedicated hacker or a natural disaster can take everything offline in mere minutes.

When this type of unplanned situation occurs, you have two choices. You can either be devastated and spend weeks or even months attempting to rebuild your information infrastructure or you can be back online within hours or at most a few days. What ultimately decides between these two different fates is a great deal of forethought and planning.

Always Plan Ahead

You never know what lies in the future for your business, but when you use Race Computer Services as your data backup and recovery solution you know that you’re protected, no matter what Mother Nature, a malicious digital attack or even a well-meaning but clueless employee throws your way. Having a disaster recovery plan in place means that when something does occur, you know exactly where to go to get the latest clean your business, services and customer data back online FAST.

Limit Your Technology Spending

One significant way to limit your technology costs in the event of an emergency is to have a business continuity plan in place before the disaster occurs. When you have to do something fast in the technology field, it’s going to cost you many times what it would have cost if you had some extra time to work with.

This is especially true in times of disaster when you find that you’re willing to do practically anything that it takes in order to get your business online and minimize the impact to your staff and most importantly, to your customers. No business wants to be viewed as vulnerable, so getting your information back online as soon as possible after a loss is critical to preserving your positive image in an increasingly competitive marketplace for services.

Race Computer Services provides Manhattan and the broader New York and New Jersey areas with disaster planning and recovery, data backup and restoration, and overall business continuity services. Our highly trained and knowledgeable support staff can provide you with the services that you need in order to maintain peace of mind in the event of a disaster.

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