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The Importance of Vulnerability Management

Businesses with a Proactive approach to technology should conduct both internal vulnerability assessments and external vulnerability assessments periodically in order to examine, and collect cybersecurity information regarding risks or security gaps for both internal network concerns and external network concerns. This information should be used secure their networks from the both sides — especially if they are subject to Compliance requirements. External attacks and network breaches have become so publicized, many organizations may overlook the importance of internal security and risk analysis, until they are under attack. Furthermore, using an external company to test the security of your own company is almost always a better idea than using your own IT Department.

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Unlike external vulnerability assessments, which focus on outside attackers trying to gain access into a business network, an internal vulnerability assessment evaluates IT security from the inside. It looks at ways that individuals located inside the company can exploit a company’s network and data assets.

Conducting an internal vulnerability assessment empowers companies to:

  • Intentional inside attacks (for example, by disgruntled employees, partners, etc.).
  • Unintentional attacks (such as accidental deletion of sensitive data).
  • Viruses, malware, and other outside attacks that were able to breach the network security boundary.

Vulnerability Scanning: Its required in many industries:

MSP with tablet conducting an internal vulnerability assessment scan on a client network

External Vulnerability Scanning:

RCS Computer Security experts use several vulnerability scanning tools to develop a comprehensive external vulnerability assessment. Discover where the holes in client networks reside to stop exploits before they start. Scans are lightweight and host-based, so you don’t run into permissions issues or eat up a lot of bandwidth. You can search across virtually any type of device, from servers down to mobile devices. And thanks to a nightly sync with the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) database, you can rest assured that you’ll always be on top of the newest threats.

Some areas that our efforts will reveal:

  • Unpatched software
  • Email vulnerabilities and threats
  • OS vulnerabilities
  • VPN connection threats

Vulnerability Reporting

Upon conducting a Vulnerability assessment for your company we will supply you with a detailed report regarding your security concerns. This will help you create a roadmap for implementing the most vital cybersecurity tasks, and ultimately reinforcing the security of your business data.

Permissions Discovery

You don’t want data falling into the wrong hands — even if that person happens to be a client’s employee. Even if it’s not malicious, allowing access to sensitive information can spell bad news.

Our permissions discovery solution:

  • Scans for sensitive data to root out permission mismatches and ensure the appropriate people can access that data.
  • Drills down to the file type so you know who has access to what.
  • Finds the types of permissions — read, write, etc. — employees have.

PII/PHI Data Discovery

As with payment card information, personally identifiable information and protected health information must be safeguarded at all costs. A breach could tarnish your client’s reputation and lead to potentially expensive consequences because of regulations like HIPAA.

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