IT Infrastructure and operations

A tailored Managed Services Plan from Race Computer Services saves you time, money, and hassle.

How it works: Our managed services agreement consists of a basic plan that connects our system of Technology, support services and business processes which can be applied to your business with minor changes to fit into your business as an outsourced technology department. We can implement a minimum monthly service utilization based plan (lower commitment plus high flexibility), or unlimited support depending on the level of technology support, which you think you require.

You gain:

  • Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/ Laptop and Server.
  • Antivirus Software for all PC units. Antivirus for all Mac units as well
  • A managed Security Firewall with and reporting/ reviews and VPN if required
  • A cloud based data backup system (compliant with HIPPAA/PCI requirements) For easy recovery
  • Remote Support software for remote Support On demand on each PC
  • Rapid Response Helpdesk and Ticket management that provides detailed overview of the entire support process from open to close.
  • SLA’s based on your specific requirement.
  • A number of service hours that matches your environment and/ or preference. We don’t force you into an unlimited support service plan (but that is available as well).

Proactive: Now, there is a word that gets overused. However, sometimes even an overused word is a perfect fit. Clients of Race Computer Services who engage in a managed IT services agreement prefer to stay ahead of the game. They like to have a team of IT experts on top of issues even before any issues arise.

Should something come up, they like having an IT department that is on-call rather than a full-time person with all the expense and overhead that involves. Maybe they cannot afford a full-time IT support person, or maybe they simply want to be prudent with their expenses.

A Program Tailored To You

Our team will tailor an agreement to fit your needs. That is the kind of satisfaction many businesses in Manhattan and across New Jersey have enjoyed since 2009.

Five Advantages

  1. Recruiting and hiring the IT professionals with specific skill sets to address your needs. No one-size-fits-all support.
  2. Sending you professionals who have a lot of experience completing exactly the work you need performed. Compare that to a full-time IT person who may be strong in some areas but not others.
  3. Being there when you need us. You don’t have to worry about your IT guy being on vacation the week you have a system failure.
  4. Eliminating surprises. A Managed Services agreement with Race Computer Services means you know what you’re paying for.
  5. We work in harmony with current IT Staff.