Cyber Attack Remediation – What Happens to Your Business After It Has Been Damaged?

It has been estimated that a cyber attack remediation can cost thousands of dollars to recover from. It is unfortunate that many companies are unaware that their companies are in the line of fire and are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Many companies know about these vulnerabilities but still do not take action until they get hacked and lose valuable data or customers.

Most companies are aware that their company does not have the time to go through the process of cyber-attack remediation. Some of them are very hesitant to take the necessary steps to protect their company. When the company realizes that they are at risk, they may feel that there is no other alternative but to simply close up shop and move on to the next target. However, this is not always the right decision because cyber-attacks could easily cause irreparable damage to a company and the potential losses associated with it could be devastating.

Companies may not know that it is their companies that have fallen victim to cyber-attacks. They may think that the hackers have come straight to their company. They may even think that the hackers are some other people who want to steal their company’s identity for personal gain.

Some of the more common types of cyber attacks are data theft, spyware, intrusion attempts, and identity theft. There is no reason for these attacks to stop if the company simply takes the appropriate actions.

Data theft occurs when hackers access the companies’ computers without their permission. Once inside they take the information they can use to access the companies’ system and the company’s network.

Spyware and other malicious software are the most commonly seen type of cyber attack. These harmful programs are often installed by an attacker to monitor any changes made to the company’s systems or network.

In order to prevent an attack on your business computer networks, you will need to set up firewalls to keep out attackers. You will also need to update your computer software and hardware.

If you do not understand the concept of cyber-attack remediation or do not have the resources to conduct the necessary clean-up, you should definitely hire a professional to protect your business. It is possible to save yourself from the threat of cyber-attacks with the help of professional security firms.

These companies are able to identify any of the malicious software that is on your company’s system. They can also scan your system and remove any of the identified threats. This means that all the infected files and data that were infected in the first place can be completely eradicated from your system.

However, one of the biggest advantages that security firms have is the fact that they know exactly where to look for infections. In order to find the most infections possible they analyze data about all the infected files and software, which are usually located on your hard drive.

The next step is to clean up the infected files so that they can not be used by the attackers again on your companies’ computer systems. The companies can also repair the damaged registry that they have identified on your computer.

This is where the experts come in and help the company to get rid of the remaining traces of the infection. Once the company has cleaned up the infected files, you will be able to access the infected files again on your company’s systems without having to worry about them being able to be accessed.

It is not unusual for most businesses to experience some amount of cyber-attack remediation every now and then. However, in most cases it will only last for a short period of time until the business is confident enough to continue operating without the help of a third-party firm.

Does your business need help overcoming a Cyber-Attack?

When these things happen, we understand that the business environment can become hectic very quickly. Statistics say that a large percentage of businesses won’t recover from a cyber attack. If the proper procedures are in place, recovery will usually be achievable.

RCS will navigate the road to recovery from your Cyber Attack with Expert Response and Remediation Services. RCS is here to help.

Let RCS take the driver’s seat. We can work with executives and management teams, help provide report technical information to your insurance company to monitor the recovery process, if applicable. With our team in place, we will take the following steps:

  • Continual communications with management teams as well as executives
  • Shut down the network and Disconnect computers and devices from the network
  • Detect the virus and analyze the level of threat
  • Containment, eradication & recovery
  • Next course of actions could vary depending on the type of threat itself

When we check the effected or possibly infected systems, we will examine these systems with a fine-tooth-comb. We will check the boot record and hidden areas for suspicious files, and we also check these systems with multiple antivirus types to ensure that any abnormality or suspicious file is detected. We check the in-house server and domain controllers with equal efforts.

How RCS works?

In most cases, we aim to mitigate further risks rather than providing a band-aid solution to the current problem. The key to proper remediation is identifying the attack vector for the current incident, and redesigning the foundation of the computer network with a more bulletproof cybersecurity requirements in place.

Our cyber experts are brilliant in information security management, restoring your files and securing your information the right way. You are assured that your data will be handled in a very controlled fashion with the aim to retain as much user data as possible through the safest methods available.

After the network is rebuilt, we can help proactively manage the cybersecurity aspects for your computer network with ongoing monitoring and proactive security patch management with an additional level of support available for your day to day business operations.

If your business needs help with a cyber security risk or an attack remediation, feel free to reach out to Race Computer Services at (973)343-5479.