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Computer and Cybersecurity can be defined as a combination of software, hardware, and procedures that are employed in the security of a computer system. This is achieved by using different tools to protect the entire network, operating systems, user directories, and applications on the computer system itself.

The entire network and networks are protected from attacks and intrusion through a system that is designed to prevent malicious programs, Trojans, worms, and spyware from entering the system. Network security also includes systems that are used to control firewalls, network configuration and intrusion detection and prevention tools, which help keep systems running smoothly.

Computer And Cybersecurity

Computer and Cybersecurity issues are more important today than ever before. Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and less visible. They often target new computer systems to obtain personal information, steal money or corrupt system files, sometimes even without the knowledge of the owners. Cybersecurity is absolutely critical because cyber-criminals use many cyber tools to damage, manipulate, or steal data from computer systems.

Some types of cyber-intrusion include phishing, spear-phishing, and malware attacks, but they are only a small percentage of what’s out there. Other types of intrusions come through the Internet or network security holes in web servers and other systems. Many times, even when a system is protected by an antivirus program, a system administrator logs on with the intention of exploiting a system or stealing sensitive data. When the data is stolen, it can be used to gain access to credit card numbers or other confidential personal information.

A skilled hacker will go after sensitive information such as passwords, Social Security numbers, banking information, and personal and financial documents. If you have ever encountered a phishing email, chances are it was a scam aimed at gaining your financial information. Phishing emails are emails that look very legitimate, and are sent out in a mass way. They are often phishing for your banking or credit card information. If you’re not careful, you may end up opening a false file that opens a door for the hackers to gain access to your system.

Another type of cyber-attack comes from network security holes and vulnerabilities in a system. There are numerous ways a person can get around security to gain access to your system. Most hackers are motivated by money or access to a valuable piece of information that could allow them to make a lot of money. By compromising your system, hackers gain access to your system files, run unauthorized programs on your system, or even cause your computer to crash and lock up.

Race Computer Services is your Partner for Managed Cybersecurity Consulting across San Diego, California (CA),  New Jersey (NJ) and New York City (NYC).

Things To Look For In Computer And Cybersecurity Services

With the increase of security concerns, companies have been hiring specialists to help with information security. These professionals are trained for a variety of computer and network security topics, including threat detection, application security, web security, physical security, and social security.

A lot of companies offer different levels of security and a number of different services in this field. The more you know about computer and cybersecurity services, the better your chances will be of getting the most appropriate company that can provide you with everything that you need.

Which Services Are Considered Managed Computer and Cybersecurity Services?  And Does My Business NEED It?  

Businesses need Managed Cybersecurity Services for:

  • A one stop shop for IT and IT security
  • piece of mind
  • Perhaps you need it for your insurance
  • Perhaps your in-house IT is overloaded and you need an external company for the IT Security portion of your business

Our cyber security services are divided into three main groups:

  1. Assess
  2. Address
  3. Maintain

Out of these groupings, the Managed Security portion of Cybersecurity resides in the “Maintain” group.

Services in the “Assess” group, are services related to the discovery of cybersecurity risks or vulnerabilities.   Some of these services could be a security risk assessment (SRA) or a vulnerability assessment.  Sometimes a basic walkthrough of a network may be a basic security discovery measure.  We can outline and expose the security vulnerabilities.  Additionally we can outline a method to remedy the security concerns with your network.

Some of the different Components of Cyber Security Services we offer if you go beyond the consulting portion:

  1. Discovery Related Services (ASSESS)
    1. Risk Assessment
    2. Vulnerability Scans
    3. IT Audit
    4. Network scanning
    5. Penetration Testing
  2. Network Planning Services  (ADDRESS)
    1. Risk Remediation, and Risk mitigation services
    2. VCIO Level Services
    3. Network implementation and Design (with Cyber Security components embedded).
  3. Managed Security Services (MSSP)  (Maintain)
    1. Either a Fully Managed or Co-Managed IT support service.  We can either manage your entire network, or work in conjunction with your current IT department and manage the Security related portions of your IT Department.
    2. Managed Firewall
    3. Managed Antivirus
    4. Managed Email with Enterprise grade email protection services
    5. Quarterly IT security review

It Is Really Easy To Get Started

  • We can start with as little as a Managed Firewall service.  We provide our own firewall for you and provide reporting on a monthly basis, or as an intrusion is detected.
  • We can also do antivirus as a managed service.  Our IT would interface with your IT on managing antivirus and responding to any virus related issues.
  • Larger corporations rely on our expertise.
  • We provide strong value by offering the highest level security experts

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