Does your SMB need a Network Design, Installation, or Setup Service? RCS is your Strategic Technology Support Partner.

We can implement and design a network according to the requirements of your business and business goals. Additionally, we can setup your business network. We call these “weekenders” because they typically take a full weekend to accomplish.

Clients across Northern New Jersey, Central New Jersey and New York City rely heavily on our services so their businesses can operate. Companies large and small, and in all industries, must have a reliable IT system and network in place to remain competitive in today’s technology-driven marketplace. This is where RCS can help.

Our highly trained team of technology experts understands the importance of having the right IT network setup from the beginning.

If your network is setup correctly from day one, you can take advantage of your new technology without having to worry about it functioning properly.

Our Microsoft-based networks employ a variety of state-of-the-art technologies to meet your specific business needs, and our setup and installation services work for any size of the budget.

Race Computer Services (RCS) provides services and support for:

  • Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Windows Servers
  • Linux and other Unix type of networks, computers, and servers
  • Routing and Switching
  • Wide Area Networks and Virtual Private Networks
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Network Security Solutions

RCS can Consult with you on the technical design aspect of your network project. Additionally- we can provide the Installation and Setup of the network. We’ll give you an IT network that won’t break the bank. We recommend going with a bundled service offering for an all-inclusive managed support plan with the network setup.

Give RCS a call today at (973)343-5479. We will discuss your Business Goals, and we can use those to develop a basis of your Technology Requirements.