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Race Computer Services (RCS) Is your Strategic Partner for The Very Best Antivirus Solutions for All Businesses.

RCS will provide Managed Antivirus as a service:

Enterprise Businesses as well as growing businesses usually rely mainly on internal IT staff who deal with tasks on day to day issues for managed antivirus solutions. Most managed service providers will shy away from large accounts because they can’t take over your entire IT department. RCS is fine with that. We can come in and work with your in-house IT staff. Our business will perform a very specific function- just the antivirus. We will give you one flat fee where we monitor and manage the virus and malware related concerns in your business, and we can even include unlimited incident response coverage for one flat monthly rate.

The beauty of this means that your IT guy can deal with user or scheduled project related issues, and if you have a virus outbreak, or an email worm- RCS will come in and mitigate the security risk and report back to your IT staff (or the required party). The enables us to work in conjunction with your IT Staff in a co-managed IT environment.

With cyber-attacks reaching an all-time high- it’s no surprise that many small to medium size businesses and enterprise businesses might want to step up the cyber-security game. While there are many aspects of cyber security, and an antivirus solution can’t be a one-stop solution for the entire problem- a solid antivirus solution used in the right way is definitely a great start for a good cyber security program.

For smaller businesses- they may use an external recourse as a fully outsourced it department. For large enterprise businesses, we are noticing that they go with co-managed IT solutions and use our services as an added layer of support for a number of difference reasons.

We can help your organization or enterprise business with antivirus requirements in several ways:

  1. We can consult with your Business to find out which Antivirus Solution is the best fit for your needs (and fits with your business goals). RCS can help you navigate your options, design, configure, integrate and deploy a custom solution for your needs
  2. We can Roll-out an antivirus solution across your different machines
  3. We can manage your antivirus in an external fashion, where we would work hand-in-hand with your onsite IT Staff and interface specifically for antivirus components
  4. We can manage the antivirus solution itself and work as a subordinate party to your IT Staff throughout the engagement
  5. We are open to other engagements where we might be of assistance with specific antivirus solutions, for project-based or longer term engagements

Some of RCS’s Antivirus Solutions and partners:

  • Symantec
  • Avast
  • Bitdefender
  • Kaspersky
  • Esset
  • Viper

An Antivirus Solution Tailored To Your BUSINESS:

Our team will tailor an agreement to fit your needs. That is the kind of satisfaction many businesses in Manhattan and across New Jersey have enjoyed since 2009. Our managed antivirus clients pay nothing extra for virus remediation services as long as its included in the contract.

Please Allow us to show you how we can setup a large-scale Antivirus Solution the right way. We can work hand-in-hand with your in-house tech support team to put together the right solution that meets the requirements for your business today, and for time to come. We manage your threats over time and alert you when anything becomes a risk. RCS is your partner.

3 Virus Removal Tools That Are Commonly Used by Managed Antivirus Solutions Services

Many companies who provide managed antivirus solutions services for their customers are also offering additional services. While some companies may only offer a virus scanner, other companies have virus removal tools which can be integrated into the main service. In this article we will take a look at what some of these tools can do.

One of the benefits of managed antivirus services is that they can use any type of virus removal tools they like. Some companies may use virus scanners that detect the various types of malware that are out there on the internet and will allow the customer to decide whether or not the company should continue using the software. Others may simply offer the customer the option to purchase the software as part of the service and then install it by their customer’s own hand.

Some of the most common types of virus scanners that are offered by managed antivirus solutions services include a virus scanner that can scan all your computers for spyware, Trojans, malware, adware, phishing, worms, and viruses. You will also be able to run a full scan with the virus scanner which will allow the software to find any infected files, and then remove them.

Once you have got your virus scan and cleanup tool running on your system you will need to ensure that it is running at all times. Some companies offer a daily, weekly or monthly service where the software will scan your computer and remove any viruses on your computer automatically for you. This is particularly helpful if you need the tool at certain times of the week and can’t get the antivirus to identify any problems on its own.

It is important that you make sure that the antivirus you use is updated regularly to ensure that all the viruses that are out there are being found. Most people who use managed antivirus solutions services are not satisfied with the number of false positives that they see when their systems are run through their scanners. It is important that your antivirus can identify any problems before your system has a chance to be damaged.

The final type of virus removal that is usually available is the firewall software. It can be used by the customer to monitor all the websites that are on their system, but it can also be used to scan all the files and folders for infected files.

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