Is your business looking for an Outsourced IT Service Company? Perhaps our IT Services would be a good fit for your business.

Information technology is becoming a more critical component for many small to medium sized businesses. Most leaders recognize this importance, but still spend far below 10% of their revenue on IT costs. Oftentimes businesses end up looking at IT as one of the places to cut costs. This doesn’t seem reasonable.

Why do many businesses outsource their IT Service requirements?

Have your cake and Eat it to. We focus on your IT, and you focus on your core business. Technology Outsourcing is similar to Managed IT services- where one business allows another business to run and manage all or most of their IT systems and environment. In most cases, seasoned and developed Technology Service Providers have a technical support staff that would be larger and more well versed across different technology platforms than the support staff of the client company. In most cases, the managed service provider has more technical knowledge and support bandwidth than the client company could sensibly afford if they were able to take IT in-house.

Augmented IT Department:

Enjoy the best of both worlds by partnering with an IT Service Provider who works together with your in-house IT department. This will creates a simple solution that takes a load off your internal IT and is also better equipped to scale with your needs. Co-managed services take many different forms, and can adapt to your specific business environment and technology infrastructure. Companies are free to choose which IT solutions to outsource and which ones they prefer to keep in-house.

Tailored solutions take into consideration factors such as the availability of existing expertise in-house, regulatory and cybersecurity requirements, and current business applications and processes. Common services include help desk support, data backup and disaster recovery, IT consulting, network operations, security monitoring, and patch and asset management. Services may be bundled together or delivered individually and are meant to be flexible so that companies can easily scale up.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF Having a helping hand in IT?

With limited internal resources, smaller organizations often have difficulty prioritizing IT projects. Co-managed services exist to provide guidance and fill knowledge gaps where necessary. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect by adopting such an approach:

  • Around-the-clock coverage – Co-managed service providers typically operate 24/7, which means your existing IT team can take nights and weekends off while your provider watches over your infrastructure.
  • Staff augmentation – In-house IT teams often find themselves under enormous stress during busy seasons and periods of growth. Co-management gives them a helping hand to prevent burnout and preserve morale.
  • On-demand expertise – When your team runs into issues that they’re not equipped to deal with, a co-managed service provider serves as a crucial backup.
  • Enhanced productivity – IT downtime is one of the biggest killers of workplace productivity. By proactively caring for your network and sharing the workload, your employees can focus on what they do best.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity – You should allow our cyber security experts to take a proactive role to ensure that your most valuable resource is safe (your data).

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