Does your Business Need a Trusted and Reliable Go-To Mac and Apple Tech Support Partner?

Race Computer Services (RCS) is your trusted and reliable Apple Tech Support partner with highly experienced and Certified Apple and Mac support technicians.

Executives, business owners, and sales professionals are turning to iPads and iPhones to access corporate resources, emails, and cloud applications. RCS offers you certified IT consulting firm in New York and New Jersey with a focus on providing support for all Apple computers and devices. RCS will ensure that your traditional Windows network and Apple systems play well together and your employees are working in an efficient manner. You will have a professionally engineered business network set up and maintained by IT experts who understand how Microsoft systems work and know how to setup your Apple devices to ensure that the stability and integrity of your network and data are not compromised.

Here are a few areas we can help:

  • Are you looking to share information between your Apple systems and Microsoft networks?
  • Need to access your email on your iPad and ensure that you receive it in your Microsoft Outlook?
  • Looking to print from your Mac to the same network printer as your colleagues using Windows computers?
  • Perhaps you want to run Windows on a Mac with an emulator?
  • Do you have issues with Macs and Printing?

Enterprise Mobility:

A large request for many Apple and Mac business clients is mobility. We can assist you as an external resource and assist help workers who might be working from home, or at another office location over a VPN connection. We can also help users access data securely over a number of devices, such as from the iphone, macbook and windows pc.

Apple and Mac Computer Repair:

We can fix Apple and Mac computers. We usually do this for clients who are in a managed service support agreement. If you have a specific request- give us a call, we might be able to help.


We also get a lot of questions on “The Cloud.” If you have any questions on using cloud services feel free to give us a call. We can help organizations get windows apps to play seamlessly with Apple computers. Sometimes cloud can be cheaper, but in some cases its not. However; cloud options are usually safer in terms of data and business continuity.

RCS offers support for Small and medium-sized businesses using Apple computers. We also support schools and local municipalities in Northern New Jersey who run Mac-based IT Networks. Our Apple Mac SUPPORT clients love our ability to support apple products and devices.

Race Computer Services (RCS) is your Trusted Technology Partner when it Comes to Apple based Computer Networks, or small businesses using several Apple Support certified professionals.

Contact The Team Today at (973)343-5479 and allow RCS To offer you the very best in Apple IT Solutions.