Is your Business looking for a new Computer Support Company? Perhaps RCS is a Good Fit to become your Technology Partner.

Who we are:

We are an Elite Team of Computer Support experts with a high degree of skills across a diverse spectrum of technologies and platforms. We have a 10 year history providing excellent computer support services for both Small Business clients as well as enterprise Level clients. In addition to IT services, our business has a strength in Web Marketing and Website applications, which continues to play a more vital role in the industry as a whole, and this capability allows us to provide significant and unique value to our client base.

We keep several levels of technical talent on staff, and maintain key relationships with the highest level of cybersecurity experts; to provide the highest level of cybersecurity services. We started in New Jersey, but we have expanded our business infrastructure in order to handle nationwide business engagements through distribution partnerships with other IT Technicians.

What We do: “We provide 24×7 Enterprise Level IT Support at a similar price-point of a single IT-guy.”

We engage in several different areas of Information Technology. Many of our smaller clients enjoy entry level managed services such as unlimited remote managed services.

  • Consultation and technical advisory services:
    We can act as an Technology Adviser with our VCIO services.
  • Managed IT Services:
    This covers proactive support and ongoing services for a flat monthly rate. Our entry level managed services cover unlimited remote onsite support (but a separate cost for each onsite visit) for one monthly rate per device.
  • Cybersecurity Services:
    With cyber-attack and cyber-crime incidents on the rise, we have noticed a rise in cyber security related requests. We can provide incident attack response and remediation services in the case of ransomware or other cyber-attacks. Additionally we provide consultation for cybersecurity as well as different types of security related assessments.
  • Special IT Projects:
    We have technical capability on-staff to handle special IT projects that most tech companies wouldn’t be able to handle.
  • Business application Development:
    We have several types of programmers on Staff. Don’t hesitate to submit a request for your business application
  • We answer the phone:
    Many times we deal with clients who say they can never get ahold of their “IT guy.” We are a small business, not a single “One-man IT Tech consultant.”

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t bill by the hour in most cases:
    Many clients don’t like being side-swiped by “hourly fees,” we charge flat rate charges to our in-contract clients for day to day IT support.

How we’re different from other IT companies:

  • We don’t use widely-used technology monitoring software:
    You will be hard pressed to find another MSP who runs their monitoring on Linux-based based systems.
  • We pick up the phone and answer promptly in the case of a missed call.
    Go ahead, click the call button.

To find out more about Race Computer Services give us a call at (973)343-5479.